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ISTANBOULLI GIOIELLI is the product of constant devotion, qualified experience and artful passion. Our vast experience in the jewellery field has compelled us to create our own line of diamond jewellery. Thanks to our rich knowledge regarding precious stones and methods of manufacturing, we are able to satisfy any of your requests, as well as tailor-made projects.
We recognise what makes a beautiful diamond and with our expertise and creativity produce a design that enriches the diamond’s beauty further. Our creations are beautiful and romantic with elegant lines and polished finishing. Each unique piece of diamond jewellery in made with unparalleled skill, patience, devotion and discipline. Every aspect of our creation, including the mounting is hand finished and hand polished.
With their delicate lines and femininity, our creations can only find their home on the graceful body of a woman.

Krikor Istanboulli

Krikor is the founder of Art.Or.SpA, parent company of ISTANBOULLI GIOIELLI, and the love of this business has run in his blood from an early age. In fact, since the age of eleven, every summer, Krikor would work in the gold markets of his place of birth. As a young boy, he was fascinated by the work of the craftsmen and dreamed of becoming a jeweler himself.

At the age of nineteen, upon graduating from high school, Krikor first started his career with a small atelier where he manufactured precious jewellery.

He later moved into the wholesaling side of the business by opening one of the largest wholesale companies in Italy and by establishing connections and business relations all over the world: in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and the Americas.

Today, Krikor continues, to lead the company’s wholesale and manufacturing branches with his lifelong passion and experience.

Vace Istanboulli

Vace is the heart of the company. Having the same passion towards manufacturing as his father, he, together with his sister, launched the new brand ISTANBOULLI GIOIELLI.

Vace is a GIA graduate, with a GIA degree in diamonds, in precious stones, in pearls and jewellery design. After his studies, to better learn the precious jewellery world, he interned in one of the most successful pearl wholesaler of Kobe, the world’s major distributor for Akoyo and South Sea Pearls.

After gaining valuable knowledge in the pearl industry, Vace moved to the world renowned city for diamonds: Antwerp.

It was here that he interned at one of the oldest diamond companies in the world. Having gathered a practical understanding of the diamond business, he moved back to Milan and started working on creating his own jewellery line.
Vace is an expert in diamonds, precious stones and pearls and knows precisely how to reveal and enhance these stones’ natural beauty by creating exquisite and timeless designs. Vace not only handles client relations, but also follows all the phases of the manufacturing – from the design to the selection and mounting of the precious stones.

Zarmine Istanboulli

Zarmine plays an integral role in the commercial side of the company. After earning her university degree in Public Relations and Marketing, she worked in the public relations world of the fashion industry in Milan. In 2003, she joined the family business.

Zarmine, together with Vace, is the creator of ISTANBOULLI GIOIELLI.

She handles the marketing and client relations of the business, and also manages vendor and supplier relationships.

Being the only woman, she plays an essential role in the decision making of the ISTANBOULLI GIOIELLI designs.